Watch designer, Rachel Antonoff, along with Alia Shawkat {Arrested Development} and Rachel’s brother, Jack {Steel Train} remake the famous 80s movie scene, “Top That.” Also note the clothes from her 2010 spring line!


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5 Responses to “Teen Witch, “Top That” Rachel Antonoff + Alia Shawkat”

  1. Morgan Kendall

    19. Dec, 2009

    hell yes! That’s my favorite scene from teen witch! So awesome.

  2. Lorelle

    19. Dec, 2009

    Woohoo! I have not seen that movie in forever. Have to miss the days when “Funky” was compliment.

  3. Janie

    20. Dec, 2009

    god bless you for this… teen witch was the best movie ever.

  4. Steven Vance

    09. Jan, 2010

    That was fun to watch. The guy in the plaid is really cute, too. What’s his name?

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    01. Feb, 2010

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